Train and Assist Ukraine

The Ukrainian government is consumed by Russia’s ongoing invasion and requires assistance building sustainable capacity to win the war while simultaneously addressing critical humanitarian needs. The Ukrainian military lacks sufficient capability in key areas ranging from humanitarian evacuation to training in combat casualty care and survivorship:

  • Casualty evacuation and care of soldiers wounded at the front is substandard due to lack of training and equipment.
  • Russia is using vulnerable segments of the civilian population, such as orphans, as a form of subjugation and is deliberately targeting civilians as part of its wartime methodology.
  • Over 126,000 square kilometers of Ukrainian soil is contaminated by unexploded ordnance and the civilian population is returning home in huge numbers with no safeguards in place.

The Ukrainian Freedom Fund is committed to providing critical training and assistance to Ukraine. We seek to increase the capability and sustainable capacity of Ukrainians consistent with U.S. policy and in-line with our humanitarian mission. The UFF intends to use donated funds for the purpose of hiring private contractors to both train and assist Ukrainians and their defenders.

Leadership Development:

  • Supporting officer cadet training in leadership development, law of war, ethics and building esprit.
  • Providing strategic training to military leadership in law of war, ethics and related senior level requirements for large scale coordinated operations and working alongside western allies.

Train Ukraine:

  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care (NATO/U.S. standards related to Tiers 1-4). Armed Forces of Ukraine unit-level training was inconsistent even prior to the war and units are sustaining casualties with no training infrastructure to regenerate forces.
  • Explosive Ordinance Disposal Awareness and Unexploded Ordinance Removal Training. Explosive remnants of war (ERW), both intentionally spread by Russian forces and as the aftermath of combat (e.g., artillery and air-delivered bomblets), are widely present across areas that experienced fighting. The UFF seeks to hire organizations that will train, advise, and assist Ukrainian technicians who will safely remove ERW from their communities.
  • Artillery Survival Training. This course provides instruction for Ukrainians to safely exit areas under artillery bombardment and, when necessary, to build safe shelters to withstand artillery bombardment.

Assist Ukraine:

  • Humanitarian Evacuation Team Deployments. There are countless vulnerable individuals and groups near front lines with limited ability to move to safer locations. Civilians caught in the line of fire and cities under heavy artillery bombardment require critical assistance. This includes evacuating non-combat personnel under fire and amidst extremely dangerous conditions.
  • Medical Services and Casualty Care. AFU medical system is operating at its limits and requires augmentation.
  • Force Protection Advisement

UFF attempts to satisfy specific needs where efforts of other charities are absent or insufficient. UFF will nominate additional projects in the future. All fundraising overflows past our targets will be allocated to new projects.


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Together we will create a free, independent, and democratic Ukraine where Ukrainians and people of other nationalities will have the right to freely associate and express their will in an open civil society free from corruption.