Our mission is to support a free, democratic and independent Ukraine

About the UFF

The Ukrainian Freedom Fund (UFF) re-activated in response to Russia’s continued, unprovoked, and illegal war of aggression against Ukraine. We are currently prioritizing 5 campaigns: Support Ukraine, Drones for Defenders, Train and Assist Ukraine, Medical Aid for Ukraine, and Vehicles for Defense. Our Individual Security Kits campaign is deactivated due to a saturation of protective equipment in Ukraine. The UFF has achieved the following since Russia’s full-scale invasion on 24 February 2022:

  • Collected and operationalized over $4,500,000 in funds from generous donors all over the world.
  • Arranged specialized training for units of the Army and Territorial Defense.
  • Launched an online logistics platform to coordinate and facilitate procurement, transport, and delivery of aid.
  • Established a working relationship with NATO commands to avoid duplication of effort and to help commands understand Ukraine.
  • Supported Ukraine’s Territorial Defense Forces with the development and dissemination of information on survival and support of actions to defend against aggression.
  • Provided dozens of vehicles for use as aid transports or makeshift ambulances.
  • Over 100 humanitarian drones provided for use in search and rescue, damage survey, and early warning in the execution of humanitarian evacuation operations for Ukrainian citizens.
  • Supplied medical aid directly to wounded Ukrainian defenders. This includes thousands of individual first aid kits, tourniquets, chest seals, nasopharyngeal airway tubes, heart rate monitors, ointments, injectable medicines, topical sprays, assorted tablets and pharmaceuticals, iodine, and countless related items. 
  • UFF has also sponsored medical training to tier-1 U.S./NATO standards, provided assistance to special-needs family members of defenders, and sponsored a team of Stanford University students who travelled to Ukraine in August 2022 and hand-delivered ambulances, medical supplies, and communications equipment.
  • We have provided countless gloves, backpacks, socks, boots, water bottles, sleeping bags, and eye protection. 
  • We purchased and donated several generators used to operate mobile anti-drone solutions to keep civilians safe from indiscriminate aerial bombardment.
  • Supplied hundreds of protective vests and helmets.
  • Starlink internet platform and 12 months of service for a group of Ukrainians disconnected due to constant attack and withering shelling by Russian invaders. 

UFF is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) originally established in Kyiv in April of 2014 by Ukrainian and international entrepreneurs in response to the Russo-Ukrainian war and the invasion of Crimea and Donbas. UFF raised $600,000 and quickly purchased equipment and supplies to support defenders and their families. This was achieved through donations from people all over the world who care about freedom, prosperity, and the preservation of human dignity. In 2022, the UFF team expanded and established a U.S-based LLC that is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit. The U.S. and Ukraine entities operate hand-in-glove with a memorandum of understanding, common humanitarian goals, and strict compliance protocols.

Ukrainian Freedom Fund activities have been officially endorsed by the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine (NSDC), the National Guard of Ukraine, the EU-Ukraine Business Council, the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council, the European Business Association, and by many other esteemed organizations.

Why Choose UFF?

In June 2022, the United Kingdom Humanitarian Innovation Hub published a report titled “Enabling the local response: Emerging humanitarian priorities in Ukraine March-May 2022.” The report found that roughly 87% of charitable contributions for Ukraine are donated to large international nonprofits, yet the international footprint in Ukraine has decreased since the war began and virtually all humanitarian providers inside Ukraine are small non-governmental organizations and volunteer groups like the Ukrainian Freedom Fund. According to the Office of the President of Ukraine, around 90% humanitarian aid to Ukraine never makes it past Western Ukraine and over the Dnipro River to the front lines where it is desperately needed. This problem is getting worse, not better, and is up from 62% in April. So, not only are large organizations receiving almost all of the funds intended for Ukraine, but they’re delivering aid across the border only to sit in warehouses or become mired in bureaucratic red tape. One might wonder what is happening to these funds.

Percentage of Ukraine aid received by type of organization (UKHIH Report)

The Ukrainian Freedom Fund does not have these problems. We are unique in that we are small, agile, and headquartered in Kyiv. We don’t lose aid to international corruption, and we don’t rely on other organizations for delivery. In fact, we were forced to set aside storage space due to the volume of material being given to us by other charities that are either unwilling to bring the humanitarian aid east of Kyiv or lack sufficient contacts and volunteer networks to get the aid where it is most needed. 

We are also fiercely protective of our U.S. 501c3 status and work hard to ensure that all of our charitable work is conducted in partnership with trusted individuals and organizations. This includes ensuring that our charitable aid is used strictly for humanitarian purposes. When you donate to the UFF, rest assured that you won’t be forgotten. In fact, you’re joining our team. The only thing that separates us is that we’re fortunate enough to be well-positioned to carry out your intent by transforming your funds into humanitarian aid and handing it to those in need.

Operational footprint of Ukraine aid organizations (UKHIH Report)

Finally, we understand that this conflict is about far more than meets the eye. At the tactical-level, Ukrainians are fighting for their land, their homes, and their unique culture. At the operational-level, Ukraine is fighting for its right to exist as a sovereign and peaceful state in accordance with the principles of Public International Law and the United Nations Charter. At the strategic-level, Ukraine is fighting for the future of global democracy and human rights to ensure that might does not make right and to guarantee a prosperous future for all of Europe. We understand this truth, our gracious donors understand this truth, and we hope that you understand this truth too.