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The Ukrainian Freedom Fund’s “Support Ukraine” campaign is our only unrestricted fundraising effort, which means that the UFF is free to allocate this campaign’s funds to Ukraine’s most pressing needs or to satisfy our very low overhead costs (less than 4%). Not only will we use these funds to acquire general supplies such as gloves, backpacks, sleeping bags, water bottles, and eye protection, but we’ll also allocate them to our other campaigns when those funds are insufficient. For example, we recently applied around $40,000 in “Support Ukraine” funds to the acquisition of 100 humanitarian drones for the charitable benefit of Ukraine.

Needless to say, our “Support Ukraine” campaign is our most versatile and preferred campaign. One notable donation was a Starlink internet platform and 12 months of service for a group of Ukrainians disconnected due to constant attack and withering shelling by Russian invaders. 

We also recently purchased and donated several generators used to operate mobile anti-drone solutions to keep civilians safe from indiscriminate aerial bombardment. Last month, we used this campaign to provide airfare for the special-needs child and spouse of a Ukrainian defender to receive care abroad.

Another critical item that often goes unnoticed is footwear. Thats right, we acquire countless boots and socks. ‘Trench foot’ is caused by the prolonged exposure of feet to cold and wet conditions. Warfare between similarly trained or equipped combatants often results in stagnation with both sides digging trench-lines to hold territory during artillery exchanges and infantry assaults. These trenches naturally gather water and generate deep mud, which creates persistently damp conditions. Prolonged exposure results in gangrene, blisters, dead skin, inability to walk, amputation, and death. Over 75,000 British and 2,000 U.S. soldiers died of trench foot during WWI. Fresh socks and boots are critical to preventing this ailment, and often means the difference between victory and failure. They literally save lives on the front lines. 

UFF attempts to satisfy specific needs where efforts of other charities are absent or insufficient. UFF will nominate additional projects in the future. All fundraising overflows past our targets will be allocated to new projects.


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Together we will create a free, independent, and democratic Ukraine where Ukrainians and people of other nationalities will have the right to freely associate and express their will in an open civil society free from corruption.