Reclaim Ukraine


We are now starting a campaign to Reclaim Ukraine – as everything critical for the next three months will be happening there: recovery from flood, counter-offensive and liberation of territory, focus on Crimea.  Our mobile teams are helping evacuate those who need it while delivering humanitarian support to those who remain.  Our staff are delivering medical supplies, drones, radios and battery re-supply, night vision goggles, vehicles and other equipment which increases frontline soldiers ability to protect themselves and, in the event of being wounded, increase their chance of survival.


Looking at the war with an attempt at historical perspective, the Ukrainian way of war firmly falls in the west with its focus on individual initiative, common purpose and shared goals of a democratic people. Russia on the other hand exemplifies eastern satrapy with drone soldiers doing what they’re told but unable or uninspired to take initiative and risk. And while the price has been horrific, the war has built Ukraine into a nation: the difference in attitude and action on the ground over the last 24 months would stun those familiar with Ukraine’s recent history.

The critical battlefield remains in and around Moscow: inducing Russia to understand the war can have no positive outcome and getting them to stop wasting resources.  Therefore, the south of Ukraine remains one of the key directions, and we must also be there and help with all our might.

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Together we will create a free, independent, and democratic Ukraine where Ukrainians and people of other nationalities will have the right to freely associate and express their will in an open civil society free from corruption.