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Our mission is to support a free, democratic and independent Ukraine.


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The UFF Advantage

90% of charitable funds for Ukraine are donated to large international nonprofits, and around 87% of that aid never makes it past Western Ukraine to the front lines where it is desperately needed. UFF is unique because we are small, agile, and headquartered in Kyiv. We don't lose aid to international corruption, and we don't rely on other organizations for delivery. The UFF accepts tax-exempt donations by ACH bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Check, Donor-Advised Fund, PayPal Giving Fund, and Venmo. Learn more about our mission here.

Aid With Integrity

We know who to trust, who not to trust, and we build our humanitarian aid pipelines with integrity and less than 4% overhead costs.

Choose Your Cause

Pick one of 4 campaigns or donate to our general fund and we’ll put your money where needed most. All donations are U.S. tax exempt.

We Live in Ukraine

We're based in Kyiv, we have extensive experience with Ukraine's defenders, and we're often at the front lines. We go where other charities cannot.

Skip the Bureaucracy

We don’t leave aid with the government or other organizations. We deliver direct to those in need, shake their hands, and say "hang on, we’ll be back."

Current Campaigns


Drones for

Allow Ukraine to see beyond the horizon for search and rescue, risk assessment, and damage survey.



The UFF teams are supporting people in newly liberated territories with food, water, shelter, healthcare, re-integration etc.


Medical Aid
for Ukraine

Countless Ukrainians have received urgent medical aid thanks to the UFF: aid kits, tourniquets, chest seals, and much more.



The UFF will apply your funds to the most pressing campaigns and highly dynamic issues faced by Ukrainian defenders and citizens.


Train and

We are increasing the sustainable capacity of Ukraine by providing critical training and humanitarian services.


Vehicles for

The UFF is acquiring SUVs, trucks, and vans for use as ambulances and for the transport of critical supplies and aid.

Latest UFF News

What the villages of Kherson region look like after almost 2 years without electricity and water. Since the beginning of the liberation of the Kherson region and the explosion of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station, UFF has been helping the civilian population and evacuating families who cannot leave on their own. Russians continue to shell homes, schools, and kindergartens simply to try to frighten Ukrainians. ... See MoreSee Less
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Recent deliberate attacks on Ukraine's energy infrastructure by Russian forces intensified, and these actions have led to energy shortages impacting daily life across the country. Ukraine's Minister of Energy Halushchenko announced that these attacks have resulted in a loss of up to 9 GW of power, stressing that the situation is more severe than last year. The minister underscored the critical role of nuclear energy in our survival strategy, emphasizing the need to keep all 9 nuclear power plant (NPP) units operational this winter. Now more than ever, civilians near the front line need power banks, charging stations, candles, flashlights - anything that will help during power outages. Donate to UFF to secure a stable and safe future for all Ukrainians. ... See MoreSee Less
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Villages in Kherson face ongoing attacks, and the needs of civilians, especially the disabled, are critical. These citizens suffer from a severe shortage of basic hygiene products, e.g. adult diapers, forcing them to share under unsanitary means. Humanitarian aid for civilians has decreased since the Kakhovka Dam was destroyed, as our evac team has reported.UFF provides necessary aid to those affected by the shelling, including a recent attack on a home for disabled persons. We emphasize that civilians, as well as military personnel, need support now.Help us ensure no one is left behind. Support Ukrainian Freedom Fund in supporting Ukraine. ... See MoreSee Less
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The UFF was recognized in 2022 by Candid, the world's most comprehensive nonprofit database, with its highest rating for transparency. We are also endorsed by the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine, the EU-Ukraine Business Council, the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council, the European Business Association, Ukraine Aid Centers, and many other esteemed organizations.


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Together we will create a free, independent, and democratic Ukraine where Ukrainians and people of other nationalities will have the right to freely associate and express their will in an open civil society free from corruption.