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Our mission is to support a free, democratic and independent Ukraine.


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The UFF Advantage

90% of charitable funds for Ukraine are donated to large international nonprofits, and around 87% of that aid never makes it past Western Ukraine to the front lines where it is desperately needed. UFF is unique because we are small, agile, and headquartered in Kyiv. We don't lose aid to international corruption, and we don't rely on other organizations for delivery. The UFF accepts tax-exempt donations by ACH bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Check, Donor-Advised Fund, PayPal Giving Fund, and Venmo. Learn more about our mission here.

Aid With Integrity

We know who to trust, who not to trust, and we build our humanitarian aid pipelines with integrity and less than 4% overhead costs.

Choose Your Cause

Pick one of 4 campaigns or donate to our general fund and we’ll put your money where needed most. All donations are U.S. tax exempt.

We Live in Ukraine

We're based in Kyiv, we have extensive experience with Ukraine's defenders, and we're often at the front lines. We go where other charities cannot.

Skip the Bureaucracy

We don’t leave aid with the government or other organizations. We deliver direct to those in need, shake their hands, and say "hang on, we’ll be back."

Current Campaigns


Drones for

Allow Ukraine to see beyond the horizon for search and rescue, risk assessment, and damage survey.



The UFF teams are supporting people in newly liberated territories with food, water, shelter, healthcare, re-integration etc.


Medical Aid
for Ukraine

Countless Ukrainians have received urgent medical aid thanks to the UFF: aid kits, tourniquets, chest seals, and much more.



The UFF will apply your funds to the most pressing campaigns and highly dynamic issues faced by Ukrainian defenders and citizens.


Train and

We are increasing the sustainable capacity of Ukraine by providing critical training and humanitarian services.


Vehicles for

The UFF is acquiring SUVs, trucks, and vans for use as ambulances and for the transport of critical supplies and aid.

Latest UFF News

16 hours ago

Ukrainian Freedom Fund
UFF's team proudly highlights an inspiring initiative by Drew University students, spearheaded by passionate Grace Hochstaedter, to raise awareness about the war in Ukraine among their peers.Grace, along with Mika Bidiak and Ava Stroh, contacted us for an interview to understand how the non-profit sector works.Their Instagram campaign, @drewforukraine educates students about the ongoing conflict and celebrates Ukraine's unique culture.They're also launching a ‘Drew for Ukraine’ club as a hub for fundraising,cultural exchange, and learning. Their recent presentation was met with much campus interest, and plans are in motion to officially launch the club this fall.We're honored to support their journey and thrilled by their dedication to Ukraine's fight for democracy and freedom.To Grace and her team, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 days ago

Ukrainian Freedom Fund
UFF sponsored a leadership seminar in collaboration with Institute of Advanced Defense Technologies of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Sikorsky Challenge Innovation Holding, and Sonata training company.The two-day seminar, "Strategic Level of National Security and Defense," covered key topics such as the global world order, emerging security challenges, Ukraine-NATO relations, and the US experience in building defense systems. Representatives from the military forces, defense industry and academic institutions participated.Rector of KPI, Mykhailo Zgurovsky, presented scenarios for a new Euro-Atlantic security architecture in the post-Russian-Ukrainian war era. Former Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Yuriy Yekhanurov presented Systemic Thinking in the Development of National Security and Defense.Retired US and Ukrainian officers working with UFF lead discussions over two days including topics-Defense Planning – Integration of Military and Civilian Components-Fundamentals of the Project Approach in the Development of Military Capabilities-Strategy for Building the National Security System of Ukraine-NATO and National Security of Ukraine-Fundamentals of the US Security System, Military Component of National Security-Theory of War, Decision Making, Conducting Maneuver Warfare, and Mission CommandUFF remains committed to training leaders and strengthening Ukraine's defense capabilities through leadership development. ... See MoreSee Less
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UFF sponsored a series of leadership seminars last week in Kyiv featuring retired American generals working with senior Ukrainian officers to understand the various issues Ukraine’s military face on and off the battlefield - and identifying areas for improvement.LtGen John Jansen USMC and MajGen Bill Mullen III USMC worked with ground commanders on operational leadership and discussed maneuver warfare as current US doctrine. General John Kelly USMC joined online for an hour long discussion.LtGen David A. Deptula USAF, MajGen Charles Corcoran USAF and Colonel Rob Swertfager USAF met with senior air force officers discussing air operations and how arrival of F-16 may impact Ukraine’s capabilities against Russia.They also spoke at Ukraine’s National Defense University to student colonels and at National Technical University of Ukraine 'Kyiv Polytechnic Institute' to national security officials from across Ukraine’s government.UFF is working closely with Ukraine's Ministry of Defense to upgrade its training regime, personnel systems and organizational management. This past week was just a first step in engaging and educating senior leaders. ... See MoreSee Less
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The UFF was recognized in 2022 by Candid, the world's most comprehensive nonprofit database, with its highest rating for transparency. We are also endorsed by the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine, the EU-Ukraine Business Council, the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council, the European Business Association, Ukraine Aid Centers, and many other esteemed organizations.


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Together we will create a free, independent, and democratic Ukraine where Ukrainians and people of other nationalities will have the right to freely associate and express their will in an open civil society free from corruption.