Ukrainian Freedom Fund

Our mission is to support a free, independent, and democratic Ukraine thanks to a global network of donors and volunteers. 

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The UFF Advantage

90% of charitable funds for Ukraine are donated to large international nonprofits, and around 87% of that aid never makes it past Western Ukraine to the front lines where it is desperately needed. UFF is unique because we are small, agile, and headquartered in Kyiv. We don't lose aid to international corruption, and we don't rely on other organizations for delivery. The UFF accepts tax-exempt donations by ACH bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Check, Donor-Advised Fund, PayPal Giving Fund, and Venmo. Learn more about our mission here.

Aid With Integrity

We know who to trust, who not to trust, and we build our humanitarian aid pipelines with integrity and less than 4% overhead costs.

Choose Your Cause

Pick one of 4 campaigns or donate to our general fund and we’ll put your money where needed most. All donations are U.S. tax exempt.

We Live in Ukraine

We're based in Kyiv, we have extensive experience with Ukraine's defenders, and we're often at the front lines. We go where other charities cannot.

Skip the Bureaucracy

We don’t leave aid with the government or other organizations. We deliver direct to those in need, shake their hands, and say "hang on, we’ll be back."

Current Campaigns



The UFF will apply your funds to the most pressing campaigns and highly dynamic issues faced by Ukrainian defenders and citizens.


Warm Up

Ukraine will soon be frozen for the next 5 months. We are creating a decisive advantage by providing winter clothing and equipment.


Medical Aid
for Ukraine

Countless Ukrainians have received urgent medical aid thanks to the UFF: aid kits, tourniquets, chest seals, and much more.


Drones for

Allow Ukraine to see beyond the horizon for search and rescue, risk assessment, and damage survey.


Train and

We are increasing the sustainable capacity of Ukraine by providing critical training and humanitarian services.


Vehicles for

The UFF is acquiring SUVs, trucks, and vans for use as ambulances and for the transport of critical supplies and aid.

Latest UFF News

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We are proud to share our Candid Platinum Transparency seal for 2023. We pride ourselves on transparency with both our donors and the public. Less than 1% of US nonprofits earn this award!We want to take this opportunity to share more about the inner workings of UFF and our mission through a short Q&A. Also, feel free to email us at with questions! Q. How do you ensure such a high percentage of donated funds go towards humanitarian aid? A. We are a team of volunteers and no one takes a salary. Having no payroll allows us to maximize funds for the charitable humanitarian benefit of Ukraine, and we are grateful to our volunteers. So far, we’ve been fortunate to convert 96% of donations directly to the charitable humanitarian benefit of Ukraine. The remainder pays expenses like donation processing fees, website, and other administrative tasks in support of Ukraine. Q. Are you a 501c3?A. We are! We are registered as the Ukraine Freedom Fund but also do business as the Ukrainian Freedom Fund. We are a US LLC and tax-exempt 501c3 operating since 2022. The Ukrainian Freedom Fund as a Ukrainian Charity has been operating since 2014 and is a separate entity registered in Kyiv. Q. Why did you become a 501c3 in 2022? A. Our team of US volunteers wanted to help following Russia’s full invasion, and we saw value in establishing a separate entity to collect tax exempt donations in the US. This allowed the team to oversee full compliance with 501c3 regulations. During this time is also when we expanded our volunteer team to include Americans, Canadians, and Ukrainians both in and out of Ukraine. The Ukrainian entity continues to operate and we work together to streamline humanitarian aid delivery when needed. Q. Are donations tax exempt?A. Yes! We know tax season is around the corner, so it is important to have everything in order. Every donor receives the needed receipt to claim their donation as tax exempt.Q. Do you conduct annual audits? A. Annual audits are standard for most nonprofits, and we’re conducting our first formal third-party audit this year! Doing this towards the end of our first year ensures sufficient data exists to evaluate our practices, particularly since we’re new and audits can be expensive. Once complete, we will share this audit publicly to uphold our continued commitment to transparency. Q. How do you ensure humanitarian aid gets to hot spots? A. Our COO Nico Woods personally oversees all operations. We hand-deliver aid deliveries, even to hot spots. We also deliver through some trusted partners who provide documented proof that includes official stamped paperwork from aid recipients, photos, and videos. When possible, we also ship aid via “Nova Poshta” in Ukraine, and all aid must be received by signature or stamp.All of this hard work results in getting aid into the hands of those in need. These photos are of some deliveries made in the first few of weeks of 2023! ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

Ukrainian Freedom Fund
One of the greatest advantages of the Ukrainian Freedom Fund is that you can pick which campaign and cause you want to support. This week, we are featuring successful deliveries made in just the last few weeks for each of our running campaigns, today is all about our Vehicles for Defenders campaign. Our Vehicles for Defenders campaign prioritizes the acquisition of sport utility vehicles, trucks, and vans for use by Ukrainian citizens and defenders as ambulances and for the transport of critical supplies and aid between the front lines and logistics hubs in the West. Here are two recent deliveries utilizing this campaign. Both vehicles were delivered to units in the East.Consider donating to our Vehicle for Defenders campaign today at, Courtesy: UFF Team ... See MoreSee Less
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The UFF was recognized in 2022 by Candid, the world's most comprehensive nonprofit database, with its highest rating for transparency. We are also endorsed by the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine, the EU-Ukraine Business Council, the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council, the European Business Association, Ukraine Aid Centers, and many other esteemed organizations.