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For victims' families

The statistics shows that the amount of victims in eastern Ukraine is tremendous. A lot of patriots sacrificed their lives to see Ukraine free and independent and did their best to secure a peaceful future for all the Ukrainians. These heroes had families who will miss them dearly, families who are left suffering through the consequences of their incredible losses. Because of this unfair war many mothers lose their sons, many wives lose their husbands and many children become orphans from an early age. Most of the soldiers thet were murdered on the battlefield left their families fatherless and without any hope of futher emotional and financial support. Unfortunately, the government does not have sufficient funds to develop a social security program of providing economical relief to the people who have lost close ones in the war. However, it is our duty to make sure that the families of the lost soldiers are well off, because without their sacrifices we would have no hope of peaceful future in free and independent Ukraine. 

One of UFF goals is to support the families of heroes who gave their lives for Ukraine freedom and provide economic relief for them.

photo by Alexander Khudoteply