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Individual Security Kits


The Lviv Defense Cluster (LDC), a Ukrainian-based NGO, was created early in the war to bring together a body armor manufacturer, steel cutters, and a sewing fabrication plant with the purpose of providing superior quality body armor, quickly and cheaply, straight to the Ukrainian defender. LDC is led by Rarog, a body armor manufacturer with 8 years of experience in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Rarog relocated its team on the first day of the Russian invasion. During the first two weeks of the war, Rarog assembled a collection of companies to form the LDC. LDC is officially authorized by the Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Defense Shapoval to lead this volunteer movement aimed at organizing the production of armor.

On March 14, a UFF member personally toured LDC’s entire production line. Every part of the manufacturing chain from the vest fabrication and sewing to the plate cutting and testing exists and is fully operational.

A sewed vest


Vest plates. 5 hits of 5.45x39 7n10 (common to AK-74) and
5 hits of 7.62x54 LPS (common to Dragunov rifle and PKM machine gun)


Our UFF team member walked the vest fabrication production line and found that LDC has the capacity to produce 7,800 vests within 4 weeks (more if overtime/surge production is authorized). The fabrication process uses elements of lean operations to ensure that it can scale quickly in the coming weeks.

Currently, the bottleneck on both sides of the manufacturing chain is due to low raw material inventory. With enough raw material, LDC will have the capacity to produce over 5,000 vests per day by April 5. The vests currently weigh 9 kg, however, future production will produce 7 kg vests. During testing, the steel plates took 5 hits of 5.45x39 7n10 ammunition (common to AK-74). Another test took 5 hits of 7.62x54 LPS ammunition (common to Dragunov rifle and PKM machine gun).

All costs are for the procurement of raw materials and all staff volunteer their time with zero payment. The vests are provided directly by the LDC to the Ukrainian units as prioritized by the Ministry of Defense.

UFF attempts to satisfy specific needs where efforts of other charities are absent or insufficient. UFF will nominate additional projects in the future. All fundraising overflows past our targets will be allocated to new projects.