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Medical Aid to Wounded Ukrainian Defenders



On March 13, numerous Ukrainian defenders received urgent medical aid thanks to the Ukrainian Freedom Fund and its global network of gracious volunteers and donors. This effort was made possible by UFF’s deep connections within Ukraine and its military, and the supplies were used to treat wounded soldiers within hours of procurement. The medical aid included first aid kits, heart rate monitors, ointments, injectable medicines, topical sprays, assorted tablets and pharmaceuticals, iodine, and a long list of related items. 

Now, over a month into Russia’s invasion, the medical needs for wounded Ukrainian defenders are growing more critical and supplies are dwindling as foreign aid is caught in warehouses, at border checkpoints, or is mired in bureaucracy. Fortunately, UFF utilizes a large network of Ukrainian volunteers and defenders, to include our team members on the ground in Ukraine, to deploy targeted aid directly to soldiers in need. Currently, the most critical items are hemostatic agents (quick clot), tourniquets, chest seals, and individual first aid kits. Below are just two of many current requests for assistance received by UFF for such supplies. With your help, we can provide these items not just to the below organizations, but directly to Ukrainian Defenders all across the country.



Ukraine has displayed great heroism, tactical prowess, and strategic excellence in defense of its sovereign territory. This began with Russia’s illegal armed aggression in 2014 and has continued exponentially since the full-scale invasion on February 24, 2022. Despite this, many of Ukraine’s defenders have been injured on the battlefield and medical supplies are dwindling fast. The Ukrainian Freedom Fund is working to ensure a steady stream of basic medical supplies and first aid kits to Ukraine’s heroes. So far, medical aid provided by UFF has directly impacted the fight.

UFF attempts to satisfy specific needs where efforts of other charities are absent or insufficient. UFF will nominate additional projects in the future. All fundraising overflows past our targets will be allocated to new projects.

Medical Aid to Wounded Ukrainian Defenders